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Investing in Ward 10

"For years we invested in growth on the edge, it’s now time to reinvest in ward 10”


The people of ward 10 want safer streets and better access to greenspaces, playgrounds, and libraries. We need better access to quality and affordable housing while providing innovative solutions to ensure better transit to support the mobility of Calgarians in our economic recovery.

I am running to ensure ward 10 gets the representation, care and investment it deserves.

Investing in Ward 10

"For years we invested in growth on the edge, it’s now time to reinvest in ward 10”


The people of ward 10 want safer streets and better access to greenspaces, playgrounds, and libraries. We need better access to quality and affordable housing while providing innovative solutions to ensure better transit to support the mobility of Calgarians in our economic recovery.

I am running to ensure ward 10 gets the representation, care and investment it deserves.


Safety remains one of the top priorities of the residents of Ward 10, with serious impacts on our quality of life.

I will fight for the following:

  • Increase funding for community-led crime prevention and youth development programs.
  • Ensure that the Calgary Police Service follows through on  implementing their September 2020 Commitment to Anti-Racism
  • Increase communication between the Calgary Police Service and the communities of Ward 10 through regular town halls and community events.
  • Ensure that no public space is neglected and left to become a breeding ground for criminal activities.
  • Improve infrastructure, such as replacing bad lighting and trimming or removing trees in dark areas of the ward.
  • Redirecting police resources to crack down on criminal gangs and the drug trade.


For years, Calgarians have enjoyed the benefits of a thriving economy. The downturn in the economy and the impacts of COVID-19 have been incredibly hard on Calgarians and our small businesses; many Calgarians are struggling. Our economy is at a crossroad and we have a real opportunity to diversify and revitalize. We need to support Calgarians; our ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit will drive our recovery. With my experience, I will work to create new opportunities to attract global investments and new industries.

“I am confident that Calgary’s best years are ahead of us”

As your Councillor I will:

  • Support small businesses with targeted tax relief for a COVID recovery.
  • Invest in the digital infrastructure needed to increase efficiency and transparency when doing business with the City; licensing, addressing, permits and inspections.
  • Work with innovators to create new opportunities for federal investment into our City, our infrastructure and our new industries.
  • Create opportunities to attract global investments to establish new industries and new jobs in ward 10 and across Calgary.
  • Invest in stable funding to allow better access and more transit to enhance the mobility of Calgarians around the City and complement the Downtown Strategy and our economic recovery.

Calgary is known as Canada’s energy capital, and is home to energy giants and associated companies. As the 2014 oil crisis has shown, we as Calgarians can no longer have all of our eggs in one basket. We must diversify our economy. Calgary has plenty of advantages over other cities, but the City can do more to help diversify Calgary’s economy. Calgary is also home to a young, diverse and educated population with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we must do everything we can to help them grow.

With a talented workforce, affordable real estate, and a large office vacancy, the City needs to do more to attract companies and investment from across the world. With more companies and investment, the City can be become more competitive in creating high quality jobs and in growing the economy. All of which would help Calgary diversify its economy while increasing its tax base.

I propose the following:

  • Expand the $100 million Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF) to stimulate business growth, attract investment and businesses, and create local high quality jobs. To date the OCIF has funded $42 million with a $600 million return in new capital to Calgary.
  • Enhance and broaden the Edge Up-Energy to Digital Growth Education and Upskilling federally funded program to help retain unemployed workers not only from the oil and gas sector but any unemployed Calgarian.
  • Streamline building development approvals with improved efficiencies.
  • Work with the City’s post-secondary institutions, the private sector, and all levels of government to expand Calgary’s high tech ecosystem through meaningful collaboration and targeted investments.
  • Collaborate with the Calgary Economic Development to create better ways and strategies to attract talent and investment to Calgary.
  • Smart and targeted funding for Tourism Calgary to boast tourists to Calgary.

Fiscal Responsibility, Transparency and Accountability

The City has been making huge investments on capital projects, such as the downtown library, the C-train Green Line, the BMO conference centre expansion, the funding of a new hockey arena, and the Arts Commons project. The funding of all these projects will impact Calgary taxpayers for years to come. What’s worrisome is that the costs in these budgets always seem to escalate.

I support the following:

  • Continue and expand the City’s SAVE (Solutions for Achieving Value and Excellence) program to find savings and efficiencies in all of the City’s departments.
  • A complete audit of all approved capital projects.
  • Any alterations to approved capital projects must be justified and approved with the majority of council.
  • New capital projects must demonstrate a clear net benefit to taxpayers with robust forecasts.
  • Sole source contracts for capital projects must not be allowed.
  • All new capital projects must have meaningful consultation with Calgarians, with adequate notice.
  • Local artists must be given priority access to the City’s artwork fund before international artists.  


Investing In Our Infrastructure

Ward 10 residents use public infrastructure every day, and are frustrated with the areas neglect. Ward 10 is home to a vibrant community and is an important commercial and industrial hub. It is time for Ward 10 to receive its fair share of City infrastructure spending.

The Marlborough C-Train station is in dire need of serious renovation, and Ward 10 is also in need of a new modernized library. In addition to these much needed projects, I support increasing funding for the maintenance and repair of the following assets in Ward 10:

  • Roads and sidewalks
  • Traffic signs and cross walks
  • Lighting in neighborhoods and C-train parking lots
  • Parks, playgrounds, and control of vegetation
  • Recreation Centres

Building a Better Calgary

The current land area of Calgary is approximately the same as New York City, but with 1/10th the population. As the land area of Calgary expands to support increased housing, more services are needed to sustain these communities. With the inner city becoming more depopulated and schools sitting idle, building development permits in these neighborhoods are taking far too long to receive approval.

I support the following:

  • Revitalizing mature neighborhoods by cutting building development red tape to allow for more density in Calgary’s downtown, while also improving community engagement to direct development. More inner city development brings more tax revenue to the City and brings people closer to amenities, transit, and the downtown core, all of which decreases the number of cars on the road and decreases our carbon footprint.


Calgary’s residential and business property taxes have continued to increase year after year, even during the oil crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Calgary’s downtown vacancy rates have reached record highs of over 30 per cent, putting further upward pressure on residential property taxes and on taxes for small to medium-sized businesses outside the downtown core.

I commit to holding public consultations on municipal spending to ensure that the City budget aligns with the priorities of Calgarians. Taxpayer dollars are  a public trust, and we must ensure that we are doing everything we can to prevent inefficient spending.  

I support the following:

  • Diversifying Calgary’s economy by attracting new companies to increase the City’s tax base.
  • Enhancing affordable housing and providing more housing options in the downtown core to decrease vacancy rates and to further increase the tax base.
  • Cutting red tape for inner city development to allow for higher-density homes in communities that want them.
  • Pushing the provincial government return a meaningful portion of the property tax funds it receives from Calgary, to help the City stabilize its funding operations without the constant need for property tax increases.

Green Spaces Accessibility

Parks, playgrounds and pump tracks are places where residents of Ward 10 come together, walk, cycle, and exercise. It’s important that these public spaces are maintained and kept safely accessible by all members of the community. However, the number of play structure parks and pump tracks is lacking in Ward 10.

I will work with the City to:

  • Increase the number of play parks, walkways and cycle paths in Ward 10.
  • Advocate for a pump track in Mayland Heights.
  • Enhance snow clearing and lighting to provide better safety and accessibility to parks and walking paths.
  • Support building wider pathways in critical areas to enhance accessibility to all residents.
  • Ensure that parks and playgrounds are cleaned and well maintained..

Open Door Policy and Better Community Engagement

City Council members should always be accessible and accountable to the residents of their Ward in order to better understand the issues and concerns the people of the Ward face. Council members should never forget the people who they represent.  

As a City Councillor, I will have an open door policy with meaningful community engagement. I believe it is essential to remain in touch with the residents of Ward 10 and to provide them with the best possible representation at City Council.  

They deserve nothing less.

Better Services

Over the years our property taxes have continued to rise along with the introduction of numerous new fees, yet our services have barely kept up with meeting the needs of everyday Calgarians.

I support the following:

  • Launching public consultations on the City’s expenditures to ensure that the priorities of City Council align with the needs of Calgarians.
  • Improve the City’s digital infrastructure with new technology, to achieve efficiencies in core areas such as emergency services, infrastructure, transit, and snow clearing.
  • Reduce red tape and approval times for inner-city development, especially for such conversion to high density development as may be sought by Ward 10 communities.

The Future is Transit

City transit is the lifeblood of our City when it comes to mobility and access. It should be more affordable, accessible and reliable.

I stand for the following:

  • Increase the number of feeder buses in our neighborhoods to provide better access for our residents.
  • Increase the security of our C-trains and C-train platforms by boasting the number of peace officers and security cameras.
  • Implement the C-train Green Line. An expanded C-train network helps to reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging more people to take transit and drive less.
  • Reduced transit fares our youth, students, seniors, and the most vulnerable in our City.

Build More Affordable Housing

Calgary has an affordable housing shortage, and is in serious need of more affordable housing options.  I plan to do the following:

  • Work with the Calgary Housing Company and non-profit organizations to create more homes for vulnerable Calgarians by converting existing vacant commercial buildings into housing units.
  • Lobby the federal government to continue to assist with the construction of more affordable housing options by providing low cost loans to project proponents.

Calgary Police Service (CPS)

Far too often the CPS get involved with non-criminal issues that require qualified mental health professionals. When the right person is not handling the issue correctly things can get out of control.

That’s why I support the following:

  • Implementation of the recommendations contained in the Calgary Police Service’s September 2020 Commitment to Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion, with ongoing monitoring and reviews to ensure the practices of the CPS are being followed.
  • Investments in programs, additional to CPS and City services, to help Calgarians in crisis access the right supports at the right time.
  • Bringing the right people, such as mental health professionals, to deal with low-risk non-criminal issues, to decrease the demand on police and to allow the police to focus on crimes that need their attention.

Ensure Our City’s Diversity is Reflected at City Hall

I plan on doing the following:

  • Introduce a motion to city council to commission a study to examine whether the issue of systemic exclusion exists at City Hall, and if it does, follow through with the study’s recommendations and reforms to the City’s hiring practices to deal with any systemic exclusion that may exist and to ensure that qualified people are considered for city jobs and committees, irrespective of race.

A Greener Calgary

Climate change is real, with impacts on our daily lives in the form of hotter days, higher pollution levels, and extreme weather events. Calgary should be a leader in tackling climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and creating a cleaner environment.

 As a City Councillor, I would support the following:

  • Retrofit all municipal buildings to become more energy efficient.
  • Pursue a transition to electric vehicles for the municipal fleet.
  • Pursue the possibility of a cost efficient transition to hydrogen-fuelled vehicles for Calgary Transit’s bus fleet.
  • Help to ensure that C-trains run on clean electricity through the procurement of power purchase
  • Insist that ENMAX, owned by the City, transitions to a net-zero future by investing in clean renewable generation.

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